All Phase 26/2.5

SKU: 300-04
Package Size: 44 lbs / (19.95 kg)


ALL•PHASE® is a highly digestible source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. This ration balancer pellet is formulated to provide required levels of micronutrients at a low intake. ALL•PHASE is fortified with KER micronutrients to include natural-source vitamin E, chelated trace minerals, B vitamins, biotin, yeast culture, and organic selenium.

  • Can be mixed with cereal grains or other feeds to balance the essential levels of micronutrients when less than recommended levels of a fortified feed are given
  • For easy keepers, All-Phase provides the necessary protein, vitamins, and minerals without excessive energy intake
  • Metabolic or special-need requirements can be addressed with All-Phase, including horses with laminitis, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and obesity.

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(DE) 1.45 Mcal/lb
Protein 12%
Fat 10%
(NSC) 24%
(NDF) 26%
Weight 44 lbs

All-Phase is designed to be fed in combination with forage, with or without unfortified cereal grains, and at a rate of 1-2 pounds per 1,000 pounds of body weight per day, depending on the intensity of the work, and size and body condition of the horse. When fed with a small amount of another fortified feed, less may be required. Always provide clean, fresh water and high-quality hay.

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