Beet Pulp w/out molasses

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Package Size: 40 lbs / (18.14 kg)


Beet pulp shreds are fibrous flakes from sugar beets after the sugar extraction process.  It is dried to reduce the water content to approximately 9%.  Sugar beet pulp fiber is low-cost, highly digestible, and an extremely palatable feed in a form that is considered less dusty than hay.  Molasses can be added to shreds, called molasses shreds, to make it sweeter and more desirable to finicky, active, or older horses, and helps them keep their weight at an optimum level.


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Crude Protien 8.42%
Crude Fiber 16.62%
Moisture 8.50%
Calcium 1.57%
Phosphorus 0.07%
Magnesium 0.30%
Zinc 19.21ppm
Manganese 78.70ppm
Copper 14.64ppm
Sodium 833.56ppm
Weight 40 lbs

Dried Beet Pulp

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