Compac Rust Out Pellet 40lbs

SKU: 800-0068
Package Size: 40 lbs / (18.14 kg)


USC’s solar crystal water softener salt is a pure white crystalline product selectively harvested from our crystallized salt bed in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

USC solar crystals are produced naturally from a 2,000 acre lake using the energy of the sun. The crystals are harvested only after reaching their optimum size. The salt crystals are double-washed, then evenly kiln dried to ensure the highest purity and whiteness to produce a crystal clear brine.

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Constituent Weight Percent
Sodium Chloride* 9910.00%
Calcium Sulfate 55.00%
Magnesium Sulfate 35.00%
Insolubles 1.00%
Moisture 5.00%
Weight 40 lbs

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