Golden Blend Goat Pellet

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Package Size: 50 lbs / (22.68 kg)


Golden Blend 14% Goat Pellets are made with the nutritional needs for all breeds. Our feed has a consistent formula so every bag of feed you open will be the same quality as the bag before.

We add Ammonium Chloride to every bag we make and there are no animal by-products or fillers in our feed. You will find only natural plant ingredients and a top of the line mineral pack in Golden Blend which gives your goats the copper and iron essential to their health. It also contains numerous other vitamins and minerals which they need for good nutrition.




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Weight 50 lbs

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Feed at rate of 1lb / 100lbs body weight.

Provide free choice access to good forage ( hay, pasture) waterand salt to all animals.

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