Luminance 12/24

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Package Size: 40 lbs / (18.14 kg)


Designed to add energy to the ration of performance horses, horses being prepared for sale, mares, stallions or horses simply in maintenance or light work, Luminance® is much more than an excellent source of “cool calories,” it supplies:

Increased level of omega-3 fatty acids provided by nutritious and extremely palatable milled flaxseed

Supplemental levels of proteinated (highly bioavailable) copper, zinc and manganese

Highly bioavailable forms of the “often forgotten” macro-mineral magnesium

A proprietary blend of yeast cultures developed to specifically compliment the digestive system of the horse.

Highly bioavailable form of the natural antioxidant vitamin-E

Additional levels of the critical micro-mineral selenium provided in part by highly absorbable selenium yeast

Also, Luminance is the first horse feed supplement to incorporate Cell-rate, a formula of specific types and specially formulated nucleotides.

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Protein 12%
Fat 24%
Calcium 1.50%
Phosphorous 1%
Zinc 70 ppm
Copper 25 ppm
Vitamin A 3000 IU/lb
Vitamin E 0.5ppm
Selenium 0.3 ppm
Weight 40 lbs

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